Ouat red queen

ouat red queen

Clip from season 1 episode 7 Bad Blood there was only one scene with the red Queen so here it is. She is. AU RedQueen - Years after the events covered in "The Price of Destiny", fate conspires to lead Ruby back to . Ficlet & Drabble collection (OUaT) by thegirl. Clip from season 1 episode 11 Heart Of The Matter Sorry I uploaded late they'll be up quicker next week.


Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 1x08 "Home" The Red Queen and Tweedle

Ouat red queen - gängigen

Jafar moves closer and tells her that what they want can't be accomplished without the genie's bottle, and Alice's made all her wishes. Jafar asks him who the man was, wanting to know who's helping Alice, and Grendel recounts that Alice called him "Knave" a name that triggers a reaction from the Queen. Triumphantly, the Red Queen confronts Jafar in his lair and calls for a change in relationship, since now she possesses the bottle, and asks to be treated as his equal. He believes himself to be as much Jafar's captive as it is the other way around since everyone creates their own prisons. She is portrayed by starring cast member Emma Rigby. When the Queen suggests the Bandersnatch, Cyrus looks particularly worried, and Jafar picks up on this. Alice and Cyrus are then outnumbered by the soldiers. ouat red queen


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